Think about all the cooking networks and shows we have at our disposal right now. Clearly food great to eat, but it’s also appetizing to watch too.   

Here at Old Captiva House, we recognize food as a form of art and want to highlight some of the great work our chefs do. That’s why we’ve created a new series entitled “Chef Greg Dishes” for our very own Executive Chef Greg Nelson to show off and share his culinary expertise.  

Viewers will get an inside look at the dishes he pours his heart into, while learning a thing or two about them — whether it’s how the dishes are imagined, what ingredients create their taste sensations or how guests can put their personal spin on them. Each video is bound have you jonesin’ for some of your favorite Old Captiva House dishes.  

So come watch, get hungry and enjoy Chef Greg’s masterpieces with us from anywhere! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here.