Picture yourself with the love of your life sitting on the beaches of Captiva, watching the sun set across the calm Gulf waves. The pink, orange and yellow hues glimmer off the sea and lead a pathway of light right to you both.  

There’s a reason why experts like USA Today travel writers agree that Captiva Island’s beaches are among the most romantic on Earth. Between the sunset, the rhythmic melody of tides changing, the salt air in the breeze — there’s nothing like this anywhere else.  

But your romantic evening doesn’t need to end after the green flash (if you’re lucky enough to see one!). Directly across the street from the beach lies one of the most romantic restaurants on island, our very own Old Captiva House at the legendary ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa. Waiting for you is a table for two, whether inside or out, and an extensive menu filled with quality cocktails and dishes for you to choose and enjoy.  

While we put our love and zest into every dish. Seafood is a true delicacy on Captiva and whether it’s our award winner Cioppino dish, blackened snapper, jumbo prawn pasta — your tastebuds will relish in enjoyment with every bite.  

Evenings like these can create a happy memory and, when shared with your special someone, they can last a lifetime. Plan your next romantic memory today by reserving a table. Give us a call at 239.472.5161 (ext. 4) or via Open Table by visiting our website here