The Gulf whispers secrets as it crashes along the shore, weaving a harmonic melody like nowhere else. Mix that with the fragrance of salt air and jasmine and a picturesque sky filled with fiery hues of orange, purple, and gold as the sun melts below the horizon. Now, that’s what we’d call the perfect setting for Valentine’s Day.

It’s also a place we’re blessed to call home at The Official Beach Resort of Captiva Island. Not only can you get a front-row seat to such a fantastic display of tropical island beauty, but you’ll also have an award-winning dinner waiting for you at our very own Old Captiva House and Crow’s Nest Steakhouse.

Old Captiva House is more than just a spot to grab a bite. It’s a place of culinary artistry, as each dish is carefully curated by some of the best chefs in Southwest Florida. Our Valentine’s Day Menu this year is no exception.

But along with the food comes the historic setting that many love. It’s a timeless chapter in Captiva history, as the building has stood proudly since 1908. And, between hurricanes and minor revisions here and there, it still stays true to its Old Florida Charm.

But perhaps your heart craves something classy, not classic. If so, follow us to Crow’s Nest Steakhouse, where your dining experience will be over the top. With a view of the Gulf from every window, Crow’s Nest provides the most romantic setting while dishing up delicious food and pouring craft drinks and delicate wines that create an unforgettable evening.

So share a toast under the star-filled sky and make this year’s celebration more than just a dinner. Make it a timeless chapter in your love story. Book your reservation today by clicking Old Captiva House and Crow’s Nest Steakhouse or call 239.472.5161.